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Re: Subordinate Referrals redundant? [auf Viren überprüft]

You might also want to post this on LDAP-interop@fini.net which is more oriented towards these types of questions.

You might get a very good answer in the OpenLDAP forum or you might get ignored as being off topic since this is forum has a very narrow focus on OpenLDAP technical issues.

LDAP-interop is much more open to thoeretical questions and design issues


Hans Moser wrote:


I'm planning a large distributed infrastructure. The main part of the tree will be stored a central master server. One branch with several underlying ou-brances should be distributed among several other servers in the WAN. So I have to place subordinate referrals on the central server.
A decentral server with the master-copy of a ou-branch should become a nearby copy on another server (in the same LAN) for redundance reasons.
Is ist possible to configure this redundance (server1 plus server2 as failover for the same branch) directly in OpenLDAP or do I have to manage this outside (take over DNS i.e.)?