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Re: back-meta hangs

Sébastien Georget wrote:


back-meta (with openldap 2.2.20) hangs in the following configuration, does anybody understand why ?
Every hours some threads seem to hang resulting in many "deferring operation" messages in the logs. If I hit <ctrl-c> in debug mode it starts to exit then stop waiting for some threads to terminate.

# local db1
database        bdb
suffix          "o=A,dc=domain"

# local db2
database        bdb
suffix          "o=B,dc=domain"

# Virtual
database        meta
suffix          "dc=domain"
uri             "ldap://,dc=domain";
uri             "ldap://,dc=domain";

Do you mean it always hangs, or just every now and then? I've been able to successfully test the setup you presented above. In any case, I'd guess attaching the process with a debugger, and showing the stack backtrace of all threads could help.

If I run two slapd servers (one with the bdbs and the other with the meta) there are no problems.

This is the intended usage; if all databases reside on the same server and you don't need to rewrite or do some fancy stuff, I suggest you create a third bdb instance rooted at "dc=domain", and glue the three together using the "subordinate" qualifier in the two subordinate databases.


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