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Re: slapd stuck in sched_yield() call

On Thursday 06 January 2005 17:06, you wrote:

> You should update your SuSE distribution, 9.0 is quite old :-)

I'm on 9.1 actually and just did an online update today.

> There are a few questions to answer prior to a cure
> What is your database definition? (ldbm, bdb)

> What is the size of your database? (number of entries or in MB)
4.8MB on the master, but the slave only reports 1.8MB.

> What is the contents of your DB_CONFIG?
I don't find such a file....

> Has your replica being down?

> Did you try a db_recover?
I have not yet determined there is a problem with the DB, but I will try it.

> -Dieter