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slapd stuck in sched_yield() call

Hi all,

I've got an openLDAP read-only replica running on a server, and I noticed 
today that it is using 90-95% of the CPU and it is looping in sched_yield() 
system call (according the strace).  It really should not be doing anything 
as no changes are being made to the master LDAP repository at all.  Could 
this be a bug?  I am running 2.2.6 (the latest RPM from SUSE) on this system.  
As it is only a failover system I'd rather have an easy-to-manage RPM than 
the latest and greatest.  But maybe this is a known bug that I am running 
into?  It would only concern me because it seems to be pegging the CPU.

Thanks for any help,