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[Newbie] naming violation 64

Hi all,

I've got following problem. I have an ldap server and I want to copy it for test purposes. So I exported everything (using gq) to an ldif.
I copied the non-standard schemas, copied the slapd.conf, restarted my server on the new host.

Then I want to insert the old entries (ldapadd) and then I get the error:

adding new entry "dc=ktsi,dc=ch"
ldapadd: update failed: dc=ktsi,dc=ch
ldap_add: Naming violation (64)
additional info: value of naming attribute 'dc' is not present in entry

First Ldif entry --------------------- dn: dc=ktsi,dc=ch objectClass: dcObject objectClass: organization dc: ch o: ktsi

My Slapd.conf (part)
database        ldbm
suffix          "dc=ktsi,dc=ch"         ####
rootdn          "cn=ldapadmin,dc=ktsi,dc=ch"    ####
rootpw  issecretandforthatreasonnothere
allow bind_v2
directory       /var/lib/ldap
index   objectClass     eq

old server: SuSE linux 9.0 --> openldap from SuSE DVD
new server SuSE linux 9.1 --> openldap from SuSE DVD

What's wrong? Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!

       Sorin Marti