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Re: using Active Directory encryption mechanism to authenticate user in OpenLDAP

Try your question here  ldap-interop@fini.net

That is OpenLDAP interoperability forum where your question will be welcomed by others who are dealing with the application of OpenLDAP rather that the technology of OpenLDAP which is the focus of this forum.


Dieter Kluenter wrote:

Alain Dejoux <kardiac_list@krystalia.net> writes:


I need to migrate a Active Directory PDC server to OpenLDAP. I have
resolved most problem but i am struggle on initial password migration. I
explain, i must retrieve all user password in AD and put them in
OpenLDAP. So users don't need to change password ( a mandatory customer
request :-/ ). I know how encode password in AD format but i search a
way for using this method in OpenLDAP.

It is possible to add a mechanism to OpenLDAP ? Or else someone know a
best way to migrate password data from Active Directory ? I thought to
samba but i can only create a smbpasswd file with and that didn't change
my authentication problem.

This is not an openldap question. AFAIK AD authentication and password storage is handled by kerberos.