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Re: Installing openldap 2.2.19 on RHEL 3

--On Friday, December 31, 2004 2:08 PM -0700 Craig White <craigwhite@azapple.com> wrote:

These are the steps that I used for installing openldap 2.2.19 on RHEL
ES-3 system. It was easy enough for unlearned and unwashed such as me
though it would have been nice to have these steps written down for
me ;-)

objectives were to leave openldap/db4/sasl stuff alone from RHEL install
and completely build in /usr/local

reference Quanah Gibson-Mount web page (invaluable)

This info is created mostly from history though I have edited it for
clarity (and to eliminate all of my missteps) - YMMV

Comments anyone?

You missed my patches to OpenLDAP. ;)

If you are going to patch BDB as you did, you need the corresponding patch to OpenLDAP. There is also the slabfix patch (not needed for OL 2.2.20, since it is in there).

you will find:


I'll be updating off of OL 2.2.20 in the near future.


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