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Re: Odd problem with open-ldap

--On Thursday, December 30, 2004 1:31 PM -0500 Matt <mhoppes@gmail.com> wrote:

Ok.. Thanks for that info.. however I can very easily repopulate my
database with the information (it's populated for use with mail from
another server).   So assuming I just blow the database away, I just
need to reconfig slapd to use bdb, and then re-import everything and
it should go same as before?  As in.. programs that connect to it
won't notice any difference in how it acts?

Finally then, assuming I've understood this correctly, can someone
point me to a document on how to setup slapd to use the bdb format?

You likely will have to update your ACL's to follow a stricter format. You may need to massage some data. You probably will want to allow V2 binds for your old clients to work (see the slapd.conf man page).

As for BDB, I suggest reading the FAQ article I sent you earlier, as well as:



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