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Re: OpenLDAP and clustering

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Daniel van Eeden wanted us to know:

>After some googling it seems that it posible to create an HA ldap
>cluster with heartbeat and linux/bsd.
>But does it acually work? Is anybody using it?
>My prefered setup is a cluster for the master and some normal slaves.
>(should I go for syncrepl or slurp?)

I do something that at first glance seemed to be what you wanted, but
after reading your questions in-depth, it seems like this really isn't
close to your need.  I'm sending it anyway since it might prove useful
for someone in the future.

I have a master named admin and two slaves named ldap1 and ldap2 (I'm
very imaginative as you can see :-P).  I then have two seperate boxes
named lb1 and lb2 doing the load balancing across the two ldap slaves.
The load balancers run heartbeat, so if lb1 dies, lb2 takes over, and
vice versa.  So it's a total of 5 boxes instead of the desired 2 that
you want for the master, but it achieves the same result.  High
availability in that one of the two slaves and one of the two load
balancers can die and my system is still operational.  It doesn't matter
if the master dies other than new updates will stop getting pushed out.

Your request would fit into my scenario as a sixth box that would do
failover with the master if it died.  Interesting thought, but
unnecessary for our application.  I'm curious to see what others say
about your exact need too.
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