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OpenLDAP and clustering

After some googling it seems that it posible to create an HA ldap
cluster with heartbeat and linux/bsd.

But does it acually work? Is anybody using it?

Does openldap work fine with shared fc or scsi disks?

How about LDAP and TLS/SSL with or w/o IP adres takeover?

My prefered setup is a cluster for the master and some normal slaves.
(should I go for syncrepl or slurp?)

Is it posible to run multiple slapd's with back-bdb on a globaly shared
gfs filesystem or shared disk?

Does anybody know some good LDAP ha aricles/documentation? (exept
http://linuxjournal.com/article/5505 wich I can't access)

Daniel van Eeden <daniel_e@dds.nl>

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