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Re: Must slapd be shutdown for db_archive to work?

--On Tuesday, December 28, 2004 7:20 PM -0500 Steve Vernick <svernick@funk.com> wrote:


I'm using openldap 2.2.17 with BDB 4.2.52.

I have included the checkpoint command in slapd.conf.  (I've tried various
combinations of kbyte and time.)  I've got slapd debug logging going, so I
know that the command has been digested OK.

As long as slapd is running, when I run 'db_archive -v', no log files are
listed.  However, any time after I shutdown slapd, then 'db_archive -v'
lists files to archive.

I've also tried 'db_checkpoint -1' while slapd is running.  No effect.

Does slapd have to be shutdown before db_archive will work?  I haven't
seen anything about that anywhere.

Actually, what I'd really like to do is to use DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE in the DB_CONFIG. I haven't gotten that to work either.

Thanks very much!

You might need to fix 4.2 for long running transactions. It all works for me, but I add a patch to BDB, and two patches to 2.2.19.

I personally suggest using 2.2.19 + my patches. ;)



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