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Re: Special character

Tony Earnshaw wrote:

Dieter Kluenter:

In my native language, we have special requirements related to
accents. How my i politely "suggest" slapadd to accept a ldif like this:

dn: dc=fesv,dc=br objectClass: dcObject objectClass: organization dc: fesv o: Faculdade Estácio de Sá / Vitória description: FESV Directory

dn: cn=root,dc=fesv,dc=br objectClass: organizationalRole cn: root description: Directory Manager

convert your ldif file to UTF-8,iconv(1) might be of help.

Actually, simply base-64 encoding the relevant attribute fields will do it.

Not with anything newer than OpenLDAP 2.0. Dieter's reply is correct.

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