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Re: Creating empty groupOfUniqueNames..

fuser9bb@hotpop.com wrote:

Would you mind explaining what you mean by "rather useless in the LDAP context"? I am using groupOfUniqueNames instead of groupOfNames as any group I want to define will only list each member entry once. Are you simply saying that I might as well use groupOfNames and don't worry about uniqueness?

The name is quite misleading, since "member", the member attribute of "grouOfNames" does not allow duplicate values as well. If you spend some time reading the definition of "uniqueMember", you'll find out that its syntax is __NOT__ "distinguishedName", but "nameAndOptionalUID", which means a DN plus something else (I don't want to go into details, read the specs), which can be absent and, as such, tricks many people into believing that "uniqueMember" is a DN, "groupOfNames" is bad and "groupOfUniqueNames" is the holy graal.


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