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Re: Using cn or ou for groups and containers

Please note that this thread is off-topic here as how to
create and otherwise manage group and containers is not
specific to OpenLDAP Software.  See http://www.openldap.org/lists/
for charter and alternative forums.


At 08:42 AM 12/14/2004, fuser9bb@hotpop.com wrote:
>I use groupOfUniqueNames for group membership. At times, I need to create a
>container that contains groups under it, such as:
>In this case I would not place any members in cn=Group2. (Although I suppose
>this may happen in some special circumstances if an application wants it,
>for example to define "default" users and the subgroups define special
>In this case do most people create Group2 as a groupOfUniqueNames (or
>groupOfNames) and use a cn value as the RDN, or would you create Group2 as a
>organizationalUnit and use an ou as the RDN?