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Re: About Openldap Schema Problem.

--On Wednesday, December 08, 2004 12:11 PM +0530 Bhavesh kumar Ravjibhai Kamani <bhavesh@deeproot.co.in> wrote:

Dear All!
         I am working on openldap2.2.17 and openldap2.2.18 and many
versions of the openldap.
         Basically I am working on the addressbook and for addressbook I
have defined my own schema called addressbook.schema. I have made
the back-end such a way that some of the required attributes can
be seen to MS-outlook as well as Netscape-addressbook, means I
have made customized addressbook. For that I have to add some of
the extra attributes, For example attribute c and companyname.
Because attribute c is used by the MS-outlook Addressbook and
countryname is used by the  Netscape-Addressbook, So I want to
add both c and Countryname.
         But ldap cannot allow to add c and countryname simulteneously,
Because both ate same attributes according to schema.

    attributetype ( NAME ( 'c' 'countryName' )
    DESC 'RFC2256: ISO-3166 country 2-letter code'

The attribute is defined in the core.schema, To add both c and countryname
I have to remove the 'countryName' from the above defination, and I have
to separately define the attribute 'countryname'.

   Is there any way to add both the attributes without changing the
core.schema ( means without changing the default schemas provided buy
the openldap )

Attributes with multiple name definitions can simply be returned by searching on either name.

For example, searching for "gn" and "givenName" result in the same thing, since they are names for the same attribute. The problem that you are encountering is that the attribute name requested ("countryName" for example) will come back as "c". I filed an ITS on this about 2 years ago, and the answer is that you should be able to make OpenLDAP return the requested name rather than the name stored in the DB by using back-ldap or back-meta or a combination thereof. I've never pursued it.

You may want to look at:


at http://www.openldap.org/its/


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