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About Openldap Schema Problem.

Dear All!
         I am working on openldap2.2.17 and openldap2.2.18 and many
versions of the openldap.
         Basically I am working on the addressbook and for addressbook I
have defined my own schema called addressbook.schema. I have made
the back-end such a way that some of the required attributes can
be seen to MS-outlook as well as Netscape-addressbook, means I
have made customized addressbook. For that I have to add some of
the extra attributes, For example attribute c and companyname.
Because attribute c is used by the MS-outlook Addressbook and
countryname is used by the  Netscape-Addressbook, So I want to
add both c and Countryname.
         But ldap cannot allow to add c and countryname simulteneously,
Because both ate same attributes according to schema.

    attributetype ( NAME ( 'c' 'countryName' )
    DESC 'RFC2256: ISO-3166 country 2-letter code'

The attribute is defined in the core.schema, To add both c and countryname
I have to remove the 'countryName' from the above defination, and I have
to separately define the attribute 'countryname'.

   Is there any way to add both the attributes without changing the
core.schema ( means without changing the default schemas provided buy
the openldap )