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Re: >= <= filter hangs

Howard Chu wrote:
There is no support for inequality indexing in the current backends.

ouch, sigh

This means that the server must inspect every entry in your database that contains the referenced attribute and test them individually....
it then continues through all the other entries in the database, which is why you get a long delay before the request completes.

Nope. Don't want that.

In OpenLDAP 2.3 back-bdb has limited support for inequality indexing. It is currently only implemented for generalizedTime and ChangeSequenceNumber syntax. It can probably be supported for a few other integer-type syntaxes without much pain.

I can do integers. I'd prefer it, actually. I guess I wait until 2.3.

It cannot be supported on syntaxes that support substrings.

Understood. Thanks again.

Jon Roberts