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Re: >= <= filter hangs

There is no support for inequality indexing in the current backends. As such, filters with inequalities are handled using the presence index. This means that the server must inspect every entry in your database that contains the referenced attribute and test them individually. It of course sends results as soon as they match, which is why you get some results right away. But it then continues through all the other entries in the database, which is why you get a long delay before the request completes.

In OpenLDAP 2.3 back-bdb has limited support for inequality indexing. It is currently only implemented for generalizedTime and ChangeSequenceNumber syntax. It can probably be supported for a few other integer-type syntaxes without much pain. It cannot be supported on syntaxes that support substrings.

Jon Roberts wrote:

Ok, sorry, but another one came up:

RH 9, OL 2.2.5, BDB 4.2.52. Same database.

When I run:

% ldapsearch -x -b ou=Gospel,ou=Expressions,o=mentata.com "(&(gospqualifier>=400103)(gospqualifier<=400107))"

I get the usual flurry of all five verses within the first second, but I don't get the search results info or the cursor back for 23 seconds more. I'm seeing something similar in my JLDAP clients, only they don't show the data because they block until the request completes.

Relevant data looks like:

dn: gospid=GVMattC01V06, ou=Gospel, ou=Expressions, o=mentata.com
objectclass: top
objectclass: gosp
gospid: GVMattC01V06
gospqualifier: 400106
gospowner: cn=Matthew, ou=Bible, ou=People, o=mentata.com
gospname: Matthew 1:6
gosptype: verse

schema includes:

attributetype ( NAME 'gospqualifier'
    EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
    ORDERING caseIgnoreOrderingMatch
    SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
    SYNTAX )

slapd.conf has

index    gospid,gospname,gospqualifier,gospdescription   eq,pres,sub

This was very fast in previous software indexing on dnqualifier attribute from core.schema. I originally tried this with ...1.15 directory string syntax, but alas the same problem. Any hints? I'm actually hoping this just needs an upgrade.

Jon Roberts

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