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Error when starting Openldap

Here is the stats:
                        OS: SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9
                      Platform: IBM Mainframe S/390
                OpenLDAP: OpenLDAP2 2.2.6
                         DB: BerkeleyDB 4.2.52
                       Security: Heimdal 0.6.1rc3
                            SASL: Cyrus-SASL 2.1.18
                               SSL: OpenSSL 0.9.7d

Here is the problem:
        I am trying to use TLS with OpenLDAP. I generated a key and certificate ( yes with an FQDN for the certificate request ) and pointed the slapd.conf TLS entries to the key and certificate. When I start up OpenLDAP it shuts down and I get this error in the logs: main: TLS init def ctx failed: -1. I googled for this error an only hit on main: TLS init def ctx failed: 0 which is not the error I'm getting. Any ideas out there? Thank you in advance.

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