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Re: LDAP capable mail server - What's the best?

Your question is not specific to OpenLDAP Softwrae and hence
should be directed elsewhere.  I suggest you review the
list charter at (http://www.openldap.org/lists/#charter).
It (and the pages it references) provide links to other
lists which you might find useful.


At 01:49 PM 12/6/2004, Josiah Ritchie wrote:
>I'm aware of a few LDAP capable Linux mail servers (Qmail, postfix,
>etc.). I'd like to implement one of them on top of an already running
>LDAP sorver.
>Which one of my options will best integrate with LDAP to allow me to
>manage most of this from LDAP and not have to mess around with various
>other config files etc on a regular basis?
>Are there any items I should be aware of before building this sort of
>If you are feeling especially verbose and have experience vith horde
>utils in relation to LDAP I'm all ears on that as well.
>Josiah Ritchie <jritchie@bible.edu>
>Washington Bible College & Capital Bible Seminary