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Re: slapadd and attribute value length limit

Jon Roberts wrote:

I've seen this before, but now it's a real problem. Is there a limit to the length of an indexed attribute value?

There are no hardcoded limits. Judging from the error message you received, since the BDB library ran out of memory you may be able to resolve this by increasing your BDB cache size. Also you may get some more explicit information from BDB if you enable debugging (-d1) while running slapadd.

Using RH 9, OL 2.2.5, BDB 4.2.52. I am updating my gospel example, but when I run:

# slapadd -l gospel.ldif

I get

slapadd: could not add entry dn="gospid=GVMattC14V15,ou=Gospel,ou=Expressions,o=mentata.com" (line=9405): txn_aborted! Cannot allocate memory (12)

and DB_CONFIG is

set_lg_dir      /var/log/openldap
set_lg_max      104857600
set_lg_bsize    26214400
set_cachesize 0 10485760 1

As you can see, it loads a number of verses fine. It seems to get stuck on the longer ones. What do I need to change (besides OS and OL version :) ) to get this data loaded and indexed?

Jon Roberts

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