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OpenLdap and Slurpd

I have a master ldap sitting on Server A and a standby ldap sitting on Server B.  I have slurpd running and all the changes made on server A is propagated correctly to Server B.  I also have Heartbeat configured so that when Server A goes down Server B is going to be restarted as master and I can then have Server B used to modify delete entries.


The problem I am facing is that when I restart Server B as the master and use my Master slapd.conf file, I am able to query the ldap but when I try to make an update or a delete it tells me that that entry does not exist.  I am pretty sure that I have the right configuration file because I looked at it and also I was able to start Slurpd which I do not think I could if my slapd.conf was not configured as the master ldap.


Any ideas?


Also I think this is part of the error I get in the log:


ldap_read: want=1 error=Resource temporarily unavailable









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