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Re: LDAP and SSL

On Wed, 01 Dec 2004 18:05:59 +0100, Tony Earnshaw <tonye@billy.demon.nl> wrote:
> ons, 01.12.2004 kl. 15.56 skrev Howard Chu:

> > The fact that the server hangs cannot be caused by any content of the
> > certificate. This whole line of pursuit is pointless.

I agree with this as I have many years experience with SSL (mod and
open) with-in the Apache realm.  My own inexperience with OpenLDAP was
contributory and likely is *still* the primary factor in my troubles
with OpenLDAP.

> is working, it's still hanging.

Actually, it is not hanging at present, but I believe correcting the
DN while creation of the LDAP database and using SubjectAltName (509)


has helped me band-aide it into working.

> The fact remains that Bill is defining insecurity.org in 2 discrete
> zones and that, in any sysadmin's language, is a no-no.

That is very likely true as I have two completely separate internet
hosting sites.  However, I believe that you are referring to my use of
a privately seen 192.168.x.x and publically seen server.  I'm no
expert by any stretch but I feel that whether the host file points to
debian.internal and the the cert points to debian.external would only
affect things if I would to use TLS_REQCERT "demand" instead of
"allow" ?

Granted, I'm not an expert and I can only do sysadmin work and
research issues to the best of my limited abilities.

A bit of history:
The insecurity.org server/domain is very likely *spammed* world-wide
as it is a domain originally owned by some developers who were very
verbal in the earlier days (I have owned insecurity.org since 1998 -
when I was the webmaster/data security specialist at FCCJ.EDU - but it
has only been publically accessible since 2003.)

No e-mail *ever* originates from there (I get hundred of complaints
per day however which state otherwise.)   In summary, insecurity.org
is NOT to be trusted =)  (I mean hey, it is *insecurity*, after all.) 
It is by definition my own personal play ground for testing and anyone
who believes it (the domain) to be trusted (beyond key projects I work
on for various clients) should stop trusting it and revoke any
certificates or CAs they may be using or in possession of.

In regards to *why* the server would only hang during the transition
from TLS to SSL -- this is likely an unknown/undefined bug of usg
OpenLDAP/ TLS-SSL on the Debian Ultrasparc architecture and very
likely directly related to version levels used during the packaging
process (now I am gonna get beat up by the Debian developers.  I hope
not anyway.)

Linux itself may be open, but (all software developers -- in general)
*our* development efforts have been somewhat proprietary in respect to
platforms and compatibility...

Cheers  =)

WC -Sx- Jones