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Re: weird performance issue

> I would suspect an issue w/ the network driver/configuration.  Duplex
> mismatch problems can be a real b****, although that wouldn't explain
> performance problems on localhost.  Are there any iptables rules?
> Anyway, starting to veer OT, and you're all better now anyway.

making sure the duplex that the switch thought it was operating at
matched the duplex the NIC throught it was operating at was actually
one of the first things we tried.  we've got some sun equipment that
that very issue has bitten us on more than once.

anyway, it definitely looks like ldap specifically isn't at fault,
however the fact that the slowness is *only* present when ldap is part
of the equation is still somewhat troubing.  either way, thanks again
to everybody on the list who helped out.  i'll be giving my kernel
configuration a nice thorough once and twice over, then if necessary,
take up the problem in an appropriate forum.

thanks again!

jacob walcik