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Re: Contributing to docs (Was: ACL questions)

tir, 30.11.2004 kl. 21.07 skrev Pierangelo Masarati:

> >I would maintain that the FAQ is basically unusable for most people (me
> >included). Redesign the complete FAQ, from start.
> >  

> No need for flaming. 

Pierangelo, this wasn't meant as a flame - more like an expression of
exasperation. It's been up so often in the past.

> Do you mean from a reader's or from a 
> contributor's viewpoint?

Reader's. I'm sure it's chock full of useful information, but I can
never find what i'm looking for.

>  What about contributing patches to the man 
> pages, to the admin guide or to the website (it's all available in 
> source form from the CVS), that help making them "more readable"?

The man pages have gone from bad (2.1.8 when I started) to superb for
2.2. I've nothing bad to say about the 2.2 Admin Guide, it's also very
good. And I've nothing bad to say about the website. It's the FAQ that
gets under my belt. The best FAQ for me is the 15,000+ searchable
postings from this for the last 13 months on this harddisk.



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