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Re: weird performance issue

> Watch the network traffic with something like
> tcpdump -q -n -l host <clientip> and host <serverip>
> to watch traffic between the two machines.  Does it stall before the
> conversation even starts?  Or does it stall after the client asks a
> question and before the server answers?

here's the output from tcpdump (see links below).  i ran it twice,
once with the "-v" flag, all i did was ssh in from a remote host, run
"ls" on my home directory and then logout.  the first session took
nearly three minutes, and the second only thirty seconds, which to me
also says it might be some sort of network issue.  however, if i mount
an nfs volume and pull a large chunk of data across, i don't seem to
have any issues.  and if i disable ldap and ssh in as a locally
defined user, i still don't see any issues.  i'm not seeing any errors
or dropped packets on either host, but i will ask our network admin to
check the switch, just to be sure.


jacob walcik