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Re: weird performance issue

On Mon, 29 Nov 2004 14:00:52 -0800, Todd Lyons <tlyons@ivenue.com> wrote:
> Jacob Walcik wanted us to know:
> >i'm using the same indexes (i ran slapindex after starting slapd on
> >the new server),  the same pam setup for both servers, and switching
> Run it before.

i just tried that, it takes longer to actually run, but it doesn't
appear to have improved performance any.

> >does anyone have any suggestions as to what i should start tweaking to
> >improve performance?  i've looked at the suggestions in the openldap
> Do lookups from the commandline do the same thing?

yes.  i have an incredibly small ldap directory (189 records, all
users or groups), and it takes several minutes for a full ldapsearch
to be returned.

> >index  objectClass,uidNumber,gidNumber,memberUid       eq
> >index  uid,mail,surname,givenname                                      eq,subinitial
> Roughly the same ones I have set :-/

heh, i'm not sure if that's encouraging or not.  that's the exact same
set i have on the old server, on much slower hardware, that's
currently performing at a much higher level than the new machine.  my
first thought was that this was an indexing issue, but none of the
additional indexes i've tried to create have seemed to make any
difference whatsoever.

jacob walcik