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Re: OpenLDAP Metadirectory building problems

> Pierangelo, thank you for your quick and detailed reply. It was very
> helpful and clarified some important points.
> Regarding this part I have a question again:
>> In HEAD as of a couple of weeks ago, attribute mapping has been
> delegated
>> to the rwm overlay.  You need to enable that overlay, add the "overlay
>> rwm" directive and prefix the DN rewrite and attribute mapping
> directives
>> with "rwm-", as stated in the man pages that come with HEAD code.
> I tried extensively with the rwm-prefixes but still was not successful.
> The following is a part of the slapd.conf I am using to get information
> out of the Domino Directory.
> What I can see in the debug messages is that OpenLDAP gets the information
> from Domino but no rewriting is done at all.
> The fields don't get returned if I do an ldapsearch (ldapsearch [..] "*"
> userSMIMECertificate destinationIndicator).
> [...]
> database                ldap
> lastmod                 off
> overlay                 rwm
> suffix                  "dc=meta,dc=ses"
> rwm-suffixmassage       "ou=user,dc=meta,dc=ses"  "o=our_org"
> uri                     ldap://our_server
> rwm-map attribute       userSMIMECertificate      dominocertificate
> rwm-map attribute       destinationIndicator      location
> What am I missing?
> Thank you for your efforts,
> Sascha

Do you confirm you're using this with HEAD?  I'm not sure in
rwm-suffixmassage you can use a <virtual naming context> that differs from
the <suffix> of the database; can you send a log (-d -1) of the traffic?
(remove all sensitive info).

note: "lastmod off" is no longer required since it's added by default.

Pierangelo Masarati

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