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Re: weird performance issue

Dave Horsfall wrote:

On Mon, 29 Nov 2004, Jacob Walcik wrote:

i created at DB_CONFIG, defined "set_cachesize" to 100MB (or 100000000
bytes), which should be overkill (the entire dataset is less than
4MB), stopped and started slapd, but didn't notice any difference
whatsoever in performance.

It doesn't look like a data issue, so at this point I'd be breaking out a network sniffer to see precisely what's happening, along with a complete debug trace ("-d-1" on everything involved i.e. both client and server). Keep name resolution turned *off* on the sniffer.

Things like faulty DNS, routing loops, bad cables etc can be damned near untraceable at the application level (been there, done that).

You're going down some twisty paths way before it's justified. It is probably just the DB_CONFIG. Remember that you can't just change the DB cachesize on the fly, you have to run db_recover before the new settings will take effect. This is all in the FAQ, every one of you responding to this thread just needs to read more closely.

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