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Re: weird performance issue

On Mon, 29 Nov 2004, Jacob Walcik wrote:

> i created at DB_CONFIG, defined "set_cachesize" to 100MB (or 100000000
> bytes), which should be overkill (the entire dataset is less than
> 4MB), stopped and started slapd, but didn't notice any difference
> whatsoever in performance.

It doesn't look like a data issue, so at this point I'd be breaking out a 
network sniffer to see precisely what's happening, along with a complete 
debug trace ("-d-1" on everything involved i.e. both client and server).  
Keep name resolution turned *off* on the sniffer.

Things like faulty DNS, routing loops, bad cables etc can be damned near 
untraceable at the application level (been there, done that).

-- Dave