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Re: Multiple suffix definitions

If you have only a vague idea here, you should avoid it. In fact the current revisions of back-bdb disallow this by default. (You can change a #define at compile time if you really want it, but search performance will decrease.) Other backends probably still support multiple suffixes, but really, there is no good reason to do it.

 -- Howard Chu

Thanks Howard.  Sorry for my persistence here:

My vague (cheap?) idea was _beginning_ by storing both internal
and external (web) objects in the same directory.

suffix    "pl=earth"
dn: o=Miscellaneous Medical, Inc.,st=Manitoba,c=CA,pl=earth

suffix    "dc=test,dc=com"
dn: o=General Hospital Corporation,st=Indiana,c=US,dc=test,dc=com

If, at a later date, I want to move these into separate directories
then the dn's would stay intact and correct.

1. Are these objects too equal, with usage/bandwidth/security/? the
  main problems?

2. Would you say that if I *may* want to separate these objects later then I *should* maintain two datastores from the beginning?

3. Is this thinking a confused crock o'?

Nearly convinced,