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Re: SSHA Encryption

Thank you for the advice, but I remember that time ago I modified a record and if I writed {crypt} before the password, then automatically it was added encrypted. That's what I'm looking for.

I can't use ldappasswd, because I'm just trying to do this for aplying it after to the Novell LDAP Library for Java, and they change the password with a modification (delete & add), but they don't talk nothing about encryption, so I think that could be a LDAP matter.

I'm really lost...
Thank you.

Howard Chu wrote:

Daniel Merino wrote:

Hi all.

I have LDAP records with their userPassword field encrypted with SSHA. When I do a ldapsearch, I receive something like this:


But when I do a ldapmodify, delete the old password and add the new, i.e.:

add: userpassword
userpassword: 828f656

I change the password, but it doesn't encrypt it and the next ldapsearch that I do shows this field in plain text.

That is the way ldapmodify works. Use ldappasswd to change passwords.

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