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Re: Indexing problems

On Thursday 11 November 2004 05:43, Greg Matthews wrote:

> are the above lines really indented? Indentation in slapd.conf is used
> for continuation of previous lines (like LDIF).

Yes!  They had a space in front of them.  I have no idea why I did that.  I 
fixed it and slapindex actually took a little time, so I assume it was 
working.  I also took uniqueMember out of the list of index because slapindex 
complained about it.  But now I'm getting an index failure on uniqueMember.  
I ran slapindex after I took uniqueMember out, but still it complains.  Do I 
need to somehow purge the cache?

I guess I need to read more about these indexes so I can understand how to 
better use them.


> its a problem in that it looks like uid is not being indexed and this
> may affect performance.
> G
> > Thanks,
> > Misty