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Re: can I synchronize (merge) 2 (or more) databases into one?

Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
Is it possible to synchronize (merge) them, so that I have one database out of them?
Everything is possible... or do you ask if there is a protocol or a standardized way to merge your "database" over LDAP?

1) if there is an identical entry that is both in DB1 and DB2, it is added to DB-Final,

2) if in DB1/DB2 there is an entry, that does not exist in DB2/DB1 -> it will be added to DB-Final,

3) if there is an entry both in DB1 and DB2 that is *not* identical, an entry that is newer will be added to DB-Final (is it possible to add a time stamp to each entry in the database?)
Entries in an OpenLDAP DIT have timestamps as operational attributes.

Is it possible to merge two or more databases into one?

If so, how?
Depends ;)