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can I synchronize (merge) 2 (or more) databases into one?


Let's say I have now two or three databases.

Is it possible to synchronize (merge) them, so that I have one database out of them?

What I mean:

DB1 - 1st database,
DB2 - 2nd database,
DB-Final - final database.

Clocks on each machine are synchronized.

1) if there is an identical entry that is both in DB1 and DB2, it is added to DB-Final,

2) if in DB1/DB2 there is an entry, that does not exist in DB2/DB1 -> it will be added to DB-Final,

3) if there is an entry both in DB1 and DB2 that is *not* identical, an entry that is newer will be added to DB-Final (is it possible to add a time stamp to each entry in the database?)

Is it possible to merge two or more databases into one? If so, how?