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Re: Replication Query

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004, Sivasakthi wrote:

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> I would like to give it a go by compiling it on my own.
> I've downloaded openldap-stable-20040923.tgz and have expanded it into
> directory d:\openldap2217 into windows env....
> what are the tools i need to have ? could u guide me....i'm sorry i don't
> have the time to read the manual, i hope u could guide me here ?
> could u help me ?
> if u could guide me to compile one for RedHat Linux and one for
> Win2003...would be lovely.

I'm afraid I can't help you here, as I don't use either Windows or Linux, 
but perhaps someone else could help (there's at least one person here who 
compiles his stuff for RedHat).

And you really need to find the time to read the manual; if you've been 
using 2,0 you'll find that a *lot* has changed in 2.2 (and you'll have a 
big job ahead of you in just converting the data, because 2.0 did not 
check a lot of things that later versions did).

At the very least, read this: 


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