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Re: Replication Query

Dave Horsfall wrote:

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004, Sivasakthi wrote:

My slave slapd.conf in Win2003 as follows:-
database bdb
suffix "c=MY"
rootdn "cn=test,c=MY"
updatedn "cn=test,c=MY"

And having the rootdn the same as the updatedn is a bad mistake.

Not really a (bad) mistake; maybe not so appropriate in some cases.

Quoting from slapd.conf:

      updatedn <dn>
             This option is only applicable in a slave  database
             updated  using  slurpd(8).   It  specifies  the  DN
             permitted to update (subject  to  access  controls)
             the  replica  (typically,  this is the DN slurpd(8)
             binds to update the replica).  Generally,  this  DN
             should  not  be  the same as the rootdn used at the

so (slave)updatedn != (master)rootdn


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