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Re: central database on one server, "dislocated" servers in many cities

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

> Through use of replication in slapd(8), you can do 1) through 4).
> 5) is not possible in slapd(8) as the "central" server would
> be the master server in the outlined scenario.

So you're saying there's no solution for that? My case sounds so simple, what should one do to solve such a problem?


>> 5) moreover, in each branch, clients should be able to change their passwords,

>>and Samba should be able to add machines to the database automatically.
>>These changes should be added to the local machine (to save time on a tight
>>bandwidth, prevent failures due to broken link etc.), which would then be
>>transferred to the central server, and from there, to the rest of the branch offices.