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Re: alias support

Dustin Doris wrote:

Thanks for any help or advice.

Here are my users doing a direct ldapsearch

ldapsearch -D "cn=root,dc=webhamster" -w secret -b dc=webhamster

# dusty, users, webhamster
dn: uid=dusty,ou=users,dc=webhamster
objectClass: alias
objectClass: extensibleObject
uid: dusty
userPassword:: ZHVzdHk=
aliasedObjectName: accountNumber=1,ou=accounts,dc=webhamster

ldapsearch -D "cn=root,dc=webhamster" -w secret -b dc=webhamster "(accountNumber=1)"

# 1, accounts, webhamster
dn: accountNumber=1,ou=accounts,dc=webhamster
objectClass: accountprofile
accountNumber: 1
accessCode: premium

Now, when I do an ldapsearch for the uid=dusty, with -a always, I get no

That's correct, because the entry being referred to doesn't match your search filter. I.e., you're searching for entries with a filter (uid=dusty) and the accountNumber=1 entry doesn't satisfy this filter.

There's no evidence that aliases are misbehaving here, you just need to think more clearly about the requests you're issuing and what you want to accomplish.

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