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Re: LDAP and SASL...

Tobias Rice wrote:

Thanks for your reply, I appriciate the advice. I will be using SSL/TLS
between my systems -> this ldap server.
But my problem is still how to plug OpenLDAP into SASL??? I've read some
stuff about putting '{SASL}user@realm' in the userPassword: field and
ldap will have cyrus auth against my kdc. As I mentioned earlier it
seems that all of my pieces are working fine except OpenLDAP -> SASL.
What do I need to do to make this work?
Many thanks!

Sorry for beeing so unspecific ;)

Have you told slapd to use saslauthd for authentication in /etc/sasl2/slapd.conf? (note: the location of that file may differ)

read this if you haven't already:


hth Paul

PS: If you are sure your configuration is correct, please do a bind/search whatever operation and post the relevant logs from slapd(8) and your KDC. Make sure to have a decent logging level set in slapd.conf.