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Re: LDAP and SASL...

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Thanks for your reply, I appriciate the advice. I will be using SSL/TLS
between my systems -> this ldap server.
But my problem is still how to plug OpenLDAP into SASL??? I've read some
stuff about putting '{SASL}user@realm' in the userPassword: field and
ldap will have cyrus auth against my kdc. As I mentioned earlier it
seems that all of my pieces are working fine except OpenLDAP -> SASL.
What do I need to do to make this work?
Many thanks!

paul kölle wrote:
| Tobias Rice wrote:
|> Hash: SHA1
|> ...whoops, I meant to post back to the list, too. Sorry for the
|> duplicate.
|> Kevin-
|> Thanks for your reply! You're right, I did mean to say testsaslauthd.
|> | Then you're suffering from the same misconception that I have been.
|> | saslauthd does nothing except auth mechs PLAIN and LOGIN (both
|> | plaintext).
|> Maybe I'm confusing some things. Is this differant than the mech you
|> give it upon starting it? (i.e. saslauthd -a kerberos5)
| -a gives the backend saslauthd should use but saslautd itself can only
| be used with PLAIN and LOGIN (in case of email).
|> | That's not what that means.  It means that plaintext authentication via
|> | saslauthd is working (probably checking sasldb for the password).
|> | That's all.  It's not looking in your LDAP directory for the passwords
|> | there or at your KDC.
|> When I issues the 'testsaslauthd -u tobias -p passwd' I get this in my
|> kerberos log:
|> 2004-10-22T06:07:41 AS-REQ tobias@PLAYGROUND.NET from IPv4:
|> 2004-10-22T06:07:41 Using des3-cbc-sha1/des3-cbc-sha1
|> 2004-10-22T06:07:41 sending 605 bytes to IPv4:
|> 2004-10-22T06:07:41 TGS-REQ tobias@PLAYGROUND.NET from
|> IPv4: for host/swiss.playground.net@PLAYGROUND.NET
|> 2004-10-22T06:07:41 sending 620 bytes to IPv4:
|> ...so thats why I thought it was working against kerberos. I didn't
|> think it was hitting ldap.
| Yes, it is working against kerberos but it doesn't really do kerberos.
| Saslauthd receives your *cleartext* password and tries to get a ticket
| with your Id and password. Thats not how kerberos is supposed to work
| since if you use any SASL enabled service such as email over the net
| your kerberos password will travel in the clear unless you do not use
| something like SSL/TLS.
|> So, is what I'm wanting to do even possible?
|> user -> some service -> pam (using pam_ldap.so) -> slapd (tries to auth
|> and continues to sasl) -> sasl -> kerberos(windows kdc).
| That will work. "user -> pam (pam_ldap) -> slapd -> saslauthd ->
| kerberos". but what you are doing here are just simple binds.
| The best solution is IMO to use kerberos directly i.e. getting a ticket
| from your KDC first and use SASL/GSSAPI to connect to your services, but
| that's another story and it requires your Client to understand kerberos.
| greetings
|  Paul
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