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Re: [Slightly OT] - Great online Openldap resource and book

Gavin Henry wrote:

Just for the newbies and maybe the seasoned LDAPer's, a great online
resource (apart from http://www.openldap.org that is):


They have an interesting perspective on the history of LDAP. When I was at UMich back in the 80s and we started playing with X.500 we used to have a running joke - "who needs encryption, when you have ASN.1?"

Bear in mind that most of the interesting protocols of the day (e.g. finger, ftp, gopher, http, smtp, etc) were human-readable, and plaintext protocols with CR/LF input terminators are what most of us working on the 'net were used to. The above site's History seems to share this disdain for ASN.1 and OSI protocols, but I think that spin is unfair. The reference implementation of the OSI stack that we were all using (ISODE) was certainly a pig, but that didn't mean that the OSI protocols were bad, or that they couldn't have been done better. And ASN.1 itself fills a necessary role in network communication, as soon as you try to progress from describing simple line-based text to binary, structured data, solving the same problems that Sun XDR, XML, and various other network data representations try to solve.

Anyway, the authors seem to color some of LDAP's most glaring weaknesses as if they were strengths, which I find puzzling.

I guess that's a longwinded way of saying "section 2 in that document is questionable..." I haven't read further.

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