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RE: problem with ldapsearch/TLS ( or Fedora Core 2?? )

At 08:38 PM 10/22/2004, Barrow H Kwan wrote:
> why do I need to specify -cert and -key to make "openssl s_client" work? 

That question is off-topic here.  Please use a OpenSSL list, e.g.
<openssl-users@openssl.org>, to ask questions about OpenSSL.

> Does ldapsearch or openssl look for a default "cert" and "key" from a DEFAULT location.  (eg.  ldapsearch or openssl will look for /etc/certs/server.key and /etc/certs/server.crt ... ) 

OpenLDAP Software has to be configured.  See ldap.conf(5)
and slapd.conf(5).  For openssl, see openssl(1).