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RE: TLS_CACERTDIR not working?

I had the same experience with 2.2.13/RedHat EL3 and Solaris9, I was
using pem format also, that was why I had worked around it by using
TLS_CACERT and putting all CA certs in one file.

I could be missing something if this is not a bug.

I am now using 2.2.17 but did not try to use TLS_CACERTDIR again.


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Does anyone use TLS_CACERTDIR in their .ldaprc file?

I can't get this to work with ldapsearch. If I use TLS_CACERT and put
all the CA certificates in one file then it will work. If I use both
options su(1) segfaults!

using 2.2.17 ldapsearch and various versions of slapd. It seems to be on
the client side tho as it doesnt recognise the CA, so I surmise it is
not parsing the files in TLS_CACERTDIR correctly. Should these be
something other than pem format?

I can live with it but its still a bug no?

Greg Matthews
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