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RE: small problem building 2.2.17 with BerkeleyDB.4.2

ons, 20.10.2004 kl. 08.51 skrev Tay, Gary:

> As a less knowledgeable new learner, I have no ill intention to
> propagate rubbish.
> If I stand to be corrected by the more knowledgeable gurus, I
> certainly appreciate your correction, however please do not downplay
> any individual posting indiscriminately by saying that they are
> rubbish.

If you offer any info publicly as an utter truth, and it is patently 
incorrect, then I reserve the right to call it "rubbish". When I have
done just that before, I have, quite rightly, been slapped down and have
learned much from the experience.

> The Internet has many maillists, many individual learn the most by
> "correction" to "rubbishs". I sincerely do not wish that OpenLDAP ML
> is such a mailist that only accepts "100% non-rubbish".

Preface it with "AFAIK", "IIRC" or a similar abbreviation.

> I understand AIX and HP-UX call the "linkage loader library path"
> differently, but was not aware that Linux and FreeBSD use the same
> "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" name as Solaris, and incorrectly thought that this
> environment variable is only "specific" to Solaris.

To keep on topic, my experience after having compiled on RH Linux for
several years, is that as far as Openldap is concerned, LD_LIBRARY_PATH,
although the variable exists, often doesn't work in practice and the
directory path has to be entered into ld.so.conf and ldconfig run.
Having to use LD_LIBRARY_PATH at all is, for me, an admission that I'm
doing something wrong :)


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