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Re: Cannot get users to load

mpease@egginc.com wanted us to know:

>   Same  results  for  ldapsearch. I'm guessing there are limited results
>   because the ldapadd is not working.
>   [root@EGGLDAP openldap]# ldapsearch -x -b
>   'dc=services,dc=egginc,dc=com' -D 'cn
>   =Manager,dc=services,dc=egginc,dc=com' -w secret '(objectclass=*)'
>   # extended LDIF
>   #
>   # LDAPv3
>   # base <dc=services,dc=egginc,dc=com> with scope sub
>   # filter: (objectclass=*)
>   # requesting: ALL
>   #
>   # search result
>   search: 2
>   result: 32 No such object
>   # numResponses: 1

Ok, shut down slapd.  Run 'slapcat > /root/full.ldif'.  Let's see what's
actually in this full.ldif.

It's my personal belief that something very basic is wrong.  I would
suggest to first add an access line in:

access to *
	by * write

That will make it so that if a user can authenticate a password, it will
allow them write access to everything.  In your case, you don't have any
user yet except for the Manager, so it won't hurt anything.

Again, this is ONLY for *TESTING*.  If this is anywhere close to a
production system, you should not be doing such global open holes as
Regards...		Todd
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