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Re: LDAP Paramters to be monitored...

Talking about OpenLDAP 2.2 and current HEAD (some minor changes in what is
about to become 2.3), there is no complete documentation, because the work
is somehow in progress.  See slapd-monitor(5),
servers/slapd/back-monitor/README and browse a running instance of slapd
configured with "database monitor" searching with base="cn=monitor"
scope=sub filter="(objectClass=*)" and attrs="@extensibleObject" to see
all the available info.


> Hi All,
> 	I want to know any tools or commands that gives below LDAP
> information. These informations are finding out appllications end to end
> transaction , directory server authentication response and Unix server I/O
> operations.
>     LDAP Server   > LDAP Server Version, Server Configuration DN, Server
> Data Version, Server Start Time, Server Uptime
>     LDAP Server I/O    > LDAP I/O Operations Initiated, I/O Operations
> Completed, I/O Entries Sent, I/O Bytes Sent
>     LDAP Server Resources    >> LDAP Active Threads, Open Connections,
> Avail Connections, Total Connections, Threads Pending Read, DB
> Configuration, Threshold, Cache Size
>     LDAP Database   > LDAP DB Cache Size, Directory size, LookupThrough
> Limit,
>     LDAP DB Performance   > Entry Cache Hits, Entry Cache Tries, Entry
> Cache
> Hit Ratio,
> Current Entries, LDAP Max Entries,Pages Read In,Pages Written Out, R/O
> Page
> Evicts, R/W Page Evicts
> Thanks in advance,
> Thanking you and Regds
> Pandry

Pierangelo Masarati

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