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octet string/substring match problems

hi. i am trying to upgrade my ldap from 2.0.xxx to 2.2.15. in the 2.0 version u could do ignoreCaseMatch/ignoreCaseSubstringMatch on octet strings ( synt as *.40 ). in 2.2.15 using octetStringMatch/octetStringSubstringsMatch is mandatory.
the problem is that I cannot do case ignore matches in 2.2.15 as i can in 2.0.23 on this octet-defined data; case-dependent matching works perfectly well though.
i looked the definitions of the octetString/SubstringMatch functions and changed them, making both 'to-compare' strings lowercase but the problem is not there. lately i think that i should look at the way the searching is performed in the octetS* case.
so, since this is my first experience with ldap and i think i am in a dead end, can someone please give me a hint or explain what can i do? am i missing something here: is there supposed to be an octet-str-match which is case-ignore? thank u very much a-priori.