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Re: [Repost] JDNI Authentication

At 05:33 PM 10/11/2004, Ross Rankin wrote:
>The OS is Fedora Core 2 and I'm using OpenLDAP 2.2.17.  The difference between the two boxes is the OS version Red Hat 9 verus Fedora and 2.1 OpenLdap on the older box. 

Okay, the boxes do differ significantly.  So you can said aside
your assumption that they should behave the same.

>Actually, If I do an ldapsearch for cn=user, it works fine.  I am not sure what to use to replicate the the lookup that JNDI is using.
>I thought there might be something telling and obvious that I was missing in the trace or in the config files...  If there is another type of search I can do to try to replicate the issue, please let me know and I'll run it.  Anyone out there using Java/JDNI? 

First, let me be clear that you need to separate questions
specific to Tocmat/JNDI from questions specific to OpenLDAP
Software.  Discussions specific to the Tomcat/JNDI, such as
  why doesn't my Tomcat/JNDI configuration work as I expect? 
  why is Tomcat/JNDI doing X?
  why is Tomcat/JNDI expecting Y?
are simply off-topic here and hence should be taken elsewhere.
However, asking questions such as:
  what operation(s) do these logs indicate the client issued to
    the slapd(8)?
  how do I use ldapsearch(1) (or other OpenLDAP client tool) to
   issue a particular operation?
  slapd(8) responded to a particular ldapsearch(1) command
  in a manner I didn't unexpected (detail expected and
  actual behavior), why?

In regards to the log information you provided, I'm unable to
determine the particulars of the operation issued.  I suggest
you enable some additional logging, such as STATS.  See slapd(8)
for details.