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Re: [POT] PHP 'hangs' slapd (?!)

> This might be OT, but I can't see any reason why PHP
> calls to the LDAP server would cause a hang...

well, it seems to be ON topic, since it causes misbehavior of slapd...

> In my phpQLAdmin, I sometimes (can't successfully reproduce it)
> manage to hang the slapd process. The only way to recover, is to
> remove the logfiles (log.* and __db.*) and reindex the database.
> I don't use the CLI tools much any more, but it happens and I
> have not seen this with those.
> Anyone have an idea what it can be, and where to look?

The report is a bit vague.  I suggest you run a non-stripped binary, and
run gdb on it when it hangs to see where (and what stack strace with) it
happens.  Some trace of the operation initiated by PHP would also be of

Ciao, p.

Pierangelo Masarati

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